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Changes to Property Ownership

The different ways you can change ownership on your property.

Please note that we track ownership changes for property tax purposes only. If you have questions about the legal ownership of a property contact a title company or attorney.

Ownership changes due to marriage, death, divorce, or other court orders require specific documentation:

  • Marriage: You must record a deed to change to a new married name.
  • Death: Record a certified copy of the Short Form Death Certificate.
  • Divorce: If the divorce was filed in Washington County, we can look up the information.  If the divorce occurred in another county you must provide a copy of the entire decree. Our property records will be changed to reflect the ownership as defined in the decree. 

For all other ownership changes you must record a deed to add or remove names.

Visit the Recording page to learn how to record a document.

Please note - ownership changes cannot be done over the phone.


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