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Urban & Rural Land Use Districts

Information about development procedures within the UGB (Urban Growth Boundary).

Washington County is responsible for reviewing land use applications for both urban and rural projects.

What is the urban unincorporated area?
Land within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) ,but outside a city (incorporated) boundary, is urban unincorporated. The County’s goal is to provide compact urban development in combination with urban services such as transit, open space and parks to enhance quality of life. Applications will be processed within 120 days.

Urban Land Use Graphic

What is the rural unincorporated area?
Land outside the UGB and outside a city boundary is rural unincorporated. The County’s goal is to protect farm and forest land by limiting development within rural land use districts. Applications will be processed within 150 days.

Rural Land Use Graphic

What are the urban and rural districts?
Review the land use district summary and Community Development Code (CDC) for more detailed information.


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