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Juvenile Crime Prevention and Advisory Committee (JCPAC) Overview

The Washington County Juvenile Department hosts a Juvenile Crime Prevention and Advisory Committee (JCPAC).
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This is a subcommittee of the Washington County Public Safety Coordinating Council. JCPAC was created to fulfill requirements of two Oregon statutes.

  • local public safety coordinating council statue 423.560
  • additional duties of public safety coordinating council statue 423.565

The Purpose of the JCPAC is to advise the Juvenile Department on all issues related to juvenile justice.

The Committee also serves as an advisory board to the Juvenile Department Keys to Success drug court.

Committee members join a two-hour meeting every other month. On occasion there may be additional meetings or subcommittee project work. The Committee is chaired by Ray Cameron (Juvenile Department Director) and is supported by Juvenile Department employees Jennifer Cearley and Max Lopez.

Members include representatives from:

  • School districts
  • After school programs
  • Youth development programs
  • Mentoring programs
  • Community cultural organizations
  • Department of Human Services
  • Law enforcement
  • Treatment organizations
  • Juvenile legal system
  • Public safety system
  • County prevention
  • Public health
  • Behavioral health

For more information contact Max Lopez.