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Arterial Pedestrian Crossings Project

Project funding supports 8 sites to advance to survey and preliminary design.

Currently there is no funding for the construction of crossing improvements but analyses and design work with this project will help securing of grant or other future funds.

The Arterial Pedestrian Crossing Project Study is the result of the Aloha-Reedville Livable Community Plan and the Transportation System Plan Update.

Both of these studies demonstrate that Walker Road, 170th Avenue, 185th Avenue and Baseline Road need pedestrian crossing improvements.

After conducting analysis and an online open house to solicit public comment, we identified eight sites for survey and preliminary design, funded by a Metro Regional Flexible Funds Grant.

No additional funding is available for construction of the crossing improvements. However, the analyses and design work will help us secure additional of grant or other funding.

As we complete the preliminary designs, related design information becomes available for future larger road improvement projects as funding becomes available. Crossing site preliminary design information could be used in future road improvement projects, as appropriate.

Map of pedestrian crossings