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The Aloha-Reedville Study was a three-year planning effort to enhance community quality of life and address future growth.

This study used an open, transparent and equitable approach, giving everyone chance to help shape the future. Community members, local government, service providers, nonprofit groups and local businesses joined us to explore issues and solutions to help the community thrive.

Phase 1 – Current conditions: More than 31 recommendations and 125 specific actions were drafted and reviewed by citizen and technical advisory committees. The community was able to offer feedback to refine them. The planning effort created direction on how to implement the actions.

Phase 2 – Alternatives: Opportunities to create aspirations and find alternatives to achieve them were developed. This phase concluded with a month-long series of public preference events and online surveys seeking input on options.

Phase 3 – Implementation: The project team crafted responses to community-identified issues. Recommendations include how to achieve aspirations and collaborations with partners. Outcomes may change the County’s Comprehensive Plan, County policies and agreements with other service providers.

Aloha-Reedville map


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