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Plan Amendments and Minor Boundary Annexations

County process for plan amendments and minor boundary changes.

Quasi-judicial Plan Amendments

Quasi-judicial plan amendments usually involve requests to change a property's land use designation. Amendments can change the Rural/Natural Resource Plan or an urban Community Plan.

The Application

The first step is to talk with a planner about the application process and key issues. To turn in an application, schedule a preapplication conference by emailing [email protected] to discuss:

  • Criteria
  • Potential issues
  • Application costs
  • Application forms, requirements and related materials.

Applications include an $8,000 deposit toward the cost of processing the application. Full fees may be higher, depending on the application. Applicants must sign contracts agreeing to pay the full fee.

Public Process

Quasi-judicial plan amendments are usually Type III procedures, which involve public notification and hearings. See ORS 197.763

For most quasi-judicial amendments, the Planning Commission is the decision maker. The Board of Commissioners is the final decision maker for applications where:

  • There is an exception to Statewide Planning Goals
  • The property is in the:
    • Exclusive Farm Use District (EFU)
    • Exclusive Forest and Conservation District (EFC)
    • Agriculture and Forestry - 80-acre District (AF-20)

Hearings are not scheduled unless applications are complete and accepted by the County. Public hearings for applications received before Feb. 15 usually happen in summer. Hearings for applications received after Aug. 15 usually happen in fall or winter.

Minor Boundary Changes (annexations)

Minor boundary changes, or annexations, processed by the County are usually requests to annex into a service district. Service districts provide for water, sewer, recreation, law enforcement and fire protection. See minor boundary changes checklist 

Washington County accepts annexation applications into service districts in unincorporated Washington County. We do not process applications for annexations into cities. 

Some service districts also serve cities. For example, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District and Clean Water Services serve the city of Beaverton. Those applying for annexation to a city can often request service district annexations at the same time, if the service districts also serve the city. Combining several requests into one annexation action can save time and expense. Check with the relevant city for details. 

Annexation applications include an $3,000 deposit toward the cost of processing the application. The full fee depends on the application. Applicants must sign contracts agreeing to pay the full fee. 

Metro mapping fees must also be paid when applications are turned in. Checks should be payable to Metro. The County mails these checks to Metro after annexation approval is complete. 

Email us at [email protected] to:

  • Receive a minor boundary change application.
  • Schedule an appointment to turn in an application.
  • Get more information.

For a complete list of fees associated with amendments and annexations, see the Washington County 2022-23 fee schedule.

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