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SNR: A Focused Look at Fish and Wildlife Habitat

This project will update the County’s natural resource program including limited updates to the County’s inventory maps, policies and land use development standards.

A Focused Look at Fish and Wildlife Habitat

SNR: A Focused Look at Fish and Wildlife Habitat

We are looking at our fish and wildlife habitat regulations related to Statewide Planning Goal 5. As part of this work we will:

  • Update the habitat resource inventory for the County’s urban unincorporated area
  • Analyze the impacts and consequences of allowing land uses that could conflict with habitat resources   
  • Recommend changes to County Comprehensive Plan policies and development review standards based on desired level of protection

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Steps in the complete Goal 5 Process

A Focused Look Overview

Significant fish and wildlife habitat is a Goal 5 natural resource. Oregon has a detailed process for counties and cities to follow when changing natural resource standards. (See graphic at right).

Our SNR: A Focused Look project is limited, as we will start by using habitat resource inventories previously collected by both Washington County and Metro to help us decide which habitat resources are significant.

We’ll then identify different land uses that could conflict with the significant habitat resources and conduct an Economic, Social, Environmental, Energy (ESEE) Analysis. This includes study of the impacts of allowing, limiting or prohibiting conflicting land uses within the significant resource area.

Our project will result in updates to our Goal 5 program and apply appropriate protections to County significant natural resources through our plan policies and code standards.

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Timeline of the project from Jan. 2023 to summer 2024

Draft SNR inventory maps by Community Plan area


LCDC Enforcement Order (PDF 232.36 KB)

Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 5 overview

Oregon's Statewide Planning Goals & Guidelines- Goal 5 text

OAR 660-023- Procedures and requirements for complying with Goal 5


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