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Traffic/Road Engineering

We use traffic crash data and traffic counts to improve safety and efficiency of our roads. We also maintain an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), signs, and pavement markings. We provide design and review services for capital projects throughout Washington County. Engineering staff reviews all road improvement construction plans for work in County Rights of Way.

Most of our services are available remotely - online, by phone or via U.S. Mail - 24 hours/day, seven days a week. In-person Services: Appointments required at the Walnut Street Center. See Office Locations and Business Hours.

Over-height detection system improved on Grahams Ferry Road

An improved over-height detection system is in place on Grahams Ferry Road. 

The train overcrossing allows only 12.5 feet of clearance for vehicles on Grahams Ferry Road, between Clutter Road and Wheatland Drive. TriMet’s WES line runs on this section of rail.

LUT’s Traffic Engineering section partnered with TriMet to hire a consultant to develop and install the new over-height detection system to address this. 

The system has a laser to detect over-height vehicles, activating an electronic warning sign, flashing lights and a louder horn. Over-height vehicles that do not stop also pass under chains that drag on the vehicles’ roofs.

In the event of a bridge strike, the new system includes cameras that provide road condition information to staff for a faster response.

Over-height vehicles have gotten stuck under the crossing after ignoring the prior warning systems. This causes delays for travelers and suspension of WES service while the trucks are removed and the bridge is inspected. Grahams Ferry traffic volumes have increased in recent years and bridge strikes have become more common.
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Grahams Ferry over-height detection system

Grahams Ferry bridge strikes 2011-2020

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