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Kinnaman Road (198th Avenue to 209th Avenue)

Kinnaman Road will be improved with bike lanes and sidewalks. This project is in design.

We will improve Kinnaman Road with bike lanes and sidewalks between 198th and 209th avenues. 

A traffic analysis will identify where turn lanes are needed.

Kinnaman Road is adjacent to the South Hillsboro development and is expected to see increased traffic as Hillsboro grows. Kinnaman Road has also been identified as an enhanced major street bikeway in the County's Transportation System Plan.

Construction start (expected): September 2025
Construction finish (expected): July 2026

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4/22/2024: We are still working on design. We expect to start the right-of-way acquisotion process this fall.


Cost Estimate: $4.8 million

Funding sources: MSTIP Bonding Cost-sharing Program


May 2023

Updated exhibits

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house: Sept. 16-Oct. 2, 2022


The Reeds Crossing project will install a traffic signal at the 209th Avenue and Kinnaman Road intersection. While this is not a County project, we have been in close contact with the Reeds Crossing project team; the traffic signal is likely to be built in 2024 or 2025.

It is likely that a combination left turn and through travel lane to meet the immediate traffic needs in the area. The Reeds Crossing team will also stripe crosswalks across 209th Avenue as part of their project.

We are working with Clean Water Services to see if their project can be installed at the same time, or if their project will happen later. We will have more information about this at the second open house.

We will work with our traffic engineering team to determine what traffic calming measures we can include.

That will depend on which sidewalk option we are directed to use. We will have more information at our second open house.

Our lighting designer is still examining options. We will have more detail to share on lighting type proposed for this project at the next stage of design, when we reach 60% completion. We will host a second open house at that time.

Our Kinnaman Road improvements are designed to tie into the 209th Avenue Project.

The amount of right-of-way we would need to acquire to add separated sidewalks on both sides of the street would have large impacts on some property owners.

We considered this location, however our traffic analysis and coordination with the school found that 205th Avenue and Stoddard Street would be the best place for a crosswalk with a flashing beacon.


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