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Reedville Trail (English)

Reedville Trail is a bike and pedestrian route following the electrical transmission line. This project improves the existing trail and adds street crossings.


We will improve a segment of the Reedville Regional Trail between Baseline Road and SW Johnson Street, a multiuse (bike and pedestrian) trail serving the Reedville community. The Reedville Trail follows the path of the Bonneville Power Administration’s Pearl-Keeler electric transmission line. This trail section includes Trachsel Meadows Park and Paula Jean Park.

Our project will build missing trail segments, repair existing trail sections, and upgrade spur connections to the surrounding neighborhood. We will install wayfinding signs and trail lighting. Street crossings will be upgraded at Jay Street, Rock Road, and Augusta Street. A bridge will be installed over Reedville Creek.

The Reedville Trail is part of the Hillsboro Trails Master Plan and the Metro Regional Trails System. It has been identified as a priority investment in the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan, Washington County Bicycle Pedestrian Prioritization Project, and Washington County School Access Improvement Study.

Construction start (expected): February 2023
Construction finish (expected): September 2023

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1/4/2023: Design is in progress.


    Cost: $2.2 million (2021 estimate)

    Funding sources:

    Prior events and comment opportunities

    Open house: Sept. 23-Oct. 9, 2022