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Walker Road and Murray Boulevard Intersection

We will widen the Walker Road and Murray Boulevard intersection with dedicated turn lanes.

We will widen the Walker Road and Murray Boulevard intersection with dual left turn lanes and dedicated right turn lanes on all four sides of the intersection. 

We will also add a third southbound lane on Murray Boulevard from south of Butner Road through the Walker Road intersection. The additional lane will become a dedicated right turn lane at Bowerman Drive, south of the intersection. 

Other improvements include replacing two bridges over Cedar Mill Creek, adjacent to the intersection and replacing two culverts on Walker Road between Far Vista and Park Way.

This project ties into Walker Road Phase 2.

Construction start (expected): Summer 2025
Construction finish (expected): Summer 2027

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9/19/2023: We have received our Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR). More information about the CLOMR is available below.

The county is reevaluating potential transportation project construction dates due to funding constraints and rapidly increasing costs. This process is expected to take several months


    Cost: $31 million (2019 estimate)

    Funding sources: 

    Flood Information

    Read CLMOR letter (PDF 137.02 KB)

    We are installing new bridges and culverts at the following locations:

    • Murray Boulevard, south of Walker Road (Cedar Mill Creek)
    • Walker Road, east of Murray Boulevard (Cedar Mill Creek)
    • Walker Road, west of Park Way (North Johnson Creek)
    • Far Vista Drive, south of Walker Road (North Johnson Creek)

    This work includes realigning a portion of North Johnson Creek where it meets Cedar Mill Creek. We are submitting a required Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Learn more

    This work is expected to change the the flood zones south of the Walker Road and Murray Boulevard intersection. In most cases, property owners should see a less and less frequent flooding from these creeks during large storms.


    National Flood Insurance Program Flood Insurance Rate Maps

    CLOMR Map

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