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Walker Road Phase 2 Schendel Avenue to Butner Road

Walker Road is being improved between Butner Road and Schendel Avenue. This is the second phase of construction.

We will widen Walker Road between Schendel Avenue and Butner Road to five lanes, two travel lanes in each direction and a center turn lane, with continuous bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Storm drainage will be upgraded and additional street lighting will be installed.

This is the second phase of capacity improvements to Walker Road. A separate project expands the Walker Road/Murray Boulevard intersection.

Construction start (expected): May 2023
Construction finish (expected): December 2024

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Past and current work:
•    Complete excavation of water quality pond and installation of rip-rap material.
•    Continue installation of new 16-inch waterline on 158th Avenue, from Schendel Avenue (THPRD entrance) heading south towards Walker Road. This run is tentatively scheduled to be completed on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at which time the contractor will move waterline install operations to the 158th/Schendel intersection for Thursday and Friday, August 24-25. A temporary signal shutdown is scheduled for this intersection between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 
•    Continue of conflict potholing and installation of conduits for new traffic signals and interconnect at Walker intersections (Greystone, 150th, Meadow).
•    Continue installation of temporary irrigation for THPRD lawn area/trees (south of newly enlarge water quality pond). 

Upcoming work:
•    Complete installation of waterline along 158th Avenue and prep for disinfection and pressure testing.
•    Begin installation of new storm pipe on 158th Avenue working from Schendel Avenue to Walker Road (north to south).
•    Begin installation of topsoil and plantings in the THPRD water quality pond.
•    Trench restoration to begin once new waterline and storm have been installed and tested.

Traffic impacts:
•    Lane reductions (from two lanes to one lane) on northbound 158th Avenue between Greystone Court and Schendel Avenue.
•    Lane reductions (from two lanes to one lane) on Westbound Walker Row between Murray and 158th
•    Closure of sidewalk along north side of Walker Road – pedestrians are to use the sidewalk along the south side of Walker Road.
•    Closure of sidewalk along east side of 158th Avenue – pedestrians are to use the sidewalk along the west side of 158th Avenue.
•    Northbound bike lane along east side of 158th Avenue is closed and cyclists are to use the travel lane.
•    Westbound bike lane along north side of Walker has been relocated adjacent to the concrete barriers.
•    TriMet stop on the east side of 158th Avenue, adjacent to THPRD has been temporarily closed for 158th Avenue construction activities.

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    Cost: $16.5 million (2019 estimate)

    Funding Sources:

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