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Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP)

The Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) identifies how Washington County can help reduce traffic-related injuries.

More 38,000 deaths nationwide are caused by transportation-related crashes. Crashes are a leading cause of death in the U.S. Washington County is addressing this through our TSAP.

The TSAP documents transportation safety in the County, outlines potential strategies to improve safety issues and ways to implement these strategies. Besides reducing crashes, plan goals include developing strategies to reduce both severe injuries (that impact a person's normal life functions) and fatalities.

The TSAP employs the "4 E's" - Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency Response. It was developed by an advisory committee made up of law enforcement, emergency responders, transportation planners, traffic analysts, bicycle and pedestrian transportation groups, school districts, public transportation agencies, federal and state transportation agencies and others.

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