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Climate-Friendly & Equitable Communities

Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules were adopted by the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission in July 2022 to help meet state goals to reduce climate pollution, especially from transportation.

We are addressing new Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules to help meet state goals to reduce climate pollution, especially from transportation. The rules apply to urban metropolitan areas throughout Oregon and will affect parking and transportation planning and permitting. Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-04 on March 10, 2020, directing state agencies to reduce climate pollution. The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) adopted the CFEC rules in July 2022.

CFEC implementation

Climate-Friendly Equitable Communities

We are implementing two CFEC rules directly until our Community Development Code (CDC) can be amended. There were no opportunities for extensions on these two rules.

  • Parking Reform A:  Minimum-parking requirements for specific development types, and within a certain proximity to transit went into effect Jan. 1, 2023.
  • Electric vehicle charging rulesRules requiring 40% of spaces in multi-unit residential development parking areas to have electrical service allowing for future installation of electric-vehicle charging stations went into effect April 1, 2023.

The LCDC granted us extensions for implementation of two additional CFEC reforms:

  • Parking Reform B: This requires us to eliminate parking minimums or developing a parking pricing and management program. We plan to file an ordinance amending the CDC in 2024. LCDC granted us an extension to Dec. 31, 2024; the original date was June 30, 2023.
  • Transportation Performance Standards: These standards require us to evaluate vehicle miles traveled per capita and consider types of travel other than vehicles. LCDC granted us an extension to June 30, 2027; the original deadline was June 30, 2025.

LCDC is considering further changes to the CFEC rules in November. We will consider any rule changes before filing ordinances to amend the comprehensive plans or the CDC.

CFEC rules include:

  • Reform parking requirements
  • Continue to plan for the Region 2040 centers
  • Plan for compact, walkable communities
  • Specifically include the voices of underserved populations
  • Update Washington County's Transportation System Plan

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Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities

ODOT CFEC planning and technical guidance

Planning for Climate-Friendly & Equitable Communities


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