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Commercial Service Rates

Commercial service rates for customers in unincorporated Washington County.

Washington County regulates garbage and recycling collection services within the county’s unincorporated areas. Check if your business address is located within unincorporated Washington County and confirm which franchised garbage and recycling collection company serves your address.

Contact us by phone at 503-846-3605 or email [email protected] for more information.

Commercial service rates for customers in unincorporated Washington County

The Board of County Commissioners approves rates charged by all garbage and recycling collection companies in unincorporated Washington County. Each collection company must charge the board-approved rates in its service area.

Commercial service rates for customers within city limits

If your business address is located within limits of a city, contact your city’s office for its solid waste collection rates and rules.

Bundled services

  • The costs for each waste material are calculated as a package and not separately.
  • The cost and bundled services included vary based on Urban or Rural location. 
  • Bundled services provide garbage, mixed recycling and glass recycling as a package. In Urban areas, the bundle includes commercial food scraps. 

Commercial and medical collection services

Three factors will impact your commercial and medical collection service rates:

  • The size of your cart/bin
  • How often your cart/bin is picked up
  • Whether you are in urban or rural unincorporated Washington County
Commercial collection service rates (PDF 298.79 KB)
Complete listing of commercial collection rates and additional services and fees.

Medical waste collection services

  • Schedule your business' medical waste collection through your garbage and recycling collection company.
  • Medical waste collection services are often subcontracted to a specialty third-party collection company; Washington County sets and approves the rates for the county's unincorporated areas.
Medical Waste Collection Service Rates (PDF 120.25 KB)
View current list of approved medical collection rates.

 Additional information regarding collection service rates:

Collection Rate FAQ (PDF 180.78 KB)
Frequently asked questions for collection services rates
Solid waste collection rate review process (PDF 228.13 KB)
Overview of the process for conducting the annual rate review

Manage waste differently to save money

Businesses can control costs by ensuring they have the right-sized waste containers and adjusting pickup frequencies to best suit operational needs. 

The Washington County Green Business team can assist with recommendations on finding the right size services and offers educational information and materials to support your business’ garbage, recycling and food scraps collection programs.

  • 1- to 2-yard dumpster (up to 400 lbs): Ideal for small restaurants and companies with up to 25 employees
  • 3-yard dumpster (up to 600 lbs): Good for businesses with up to 50 employees
  • 4-yard dumpster (up to 800 lbs): Works for midsize restaurants and businesses with up to 100 employees
  • 5-6-yard dumpster (up to 1,200 lbs): Best for mid to large businesses with up to 200 employees
  • 8-yard dumpster (up to 1,800 lbs): Works for large businesses with up to 500 employees

Drop box, compactor and occasional container collection service

Approximate dimensions for drop boxes.
  • Residential and commercial customers in unincorporated Washington County can request a drop box, compactor or occasional container service to manage larger volumes of waste. 
  • Disposal fees for these service lines are not set by the County or garbage and recycling collection companies but by the receiving facility and then billed as a pass-through charge to the customer. 
  • Customers may request materials be delivered to any permitted facility at the established “per mile” rate. 
  • Customers should contact their garbage and recycling collection company directly to request service and receive a detailed estimate of costs.
  • The collection company can assist with container selection based on the volume and types of accepted materials that require disposal. 

Asbestos waste disposal

  • Construction and demolition materials are at risk of containing asbestos.
  • Before disposal, your garbage and recycling collection company will request confirmation on whether the waste materials may contain asbestos. 
  • Oregon DEQ regulates the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material
  • View additional information and resources DEQ offers to guide home and business owners through the proper disposal channels.

The County and garbage and recycling collection companies will take all reasonable steps to ensure language translation services are available at no cost to any community member seeking assistance.

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