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Solid Waste & Recycling

Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling helps community members, property managers and businesses sustainably manage materials to prevent waste, recycle and dispose of garbage properly.

Recycling and garbage in Washington County

We are Solid Waste & Recycling, a division of Washington County's Department of Health and Human Services. Our goal is to ensure all Washington County households and businesses have easy access to garbage and recycling collection services at a fair and reasonable cost.

In 2017, our region produced 2.4 million tons of solid waste and recycled 48 percent of it. We know we can do even better! Please take a few minutes to learn about the services we provide and pick up some tips on reducing waste, recycling more effectively and contributing to a healthier Washington County community.

Who picks up my garbage?

Enter your address in the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool to find out who picks up your garbage.

You can also use Garbage and Recycling Day to:

  • Find your collection schedule and get reminders so you don't miss your garbage or recycling day ever again!
  • Find out how and where to properly discard, donate or recycle hundreds of items.

Download the free Garbage and Recycling Day app on your mobile device so you have these tools any time you need them.

How much does my service cost?

Garbage and recycling service providers are required to charge government-approved rates in their service area.

Current collection rates and service options for unincorporated areas of Washington County are posted here.

If you live within the limits of one of the 12 Washington County cities, check with your city government for collection rates and service options.

How do I dispose of oversized items?

Do you have an old fridge, couch or other large item to get rid of? To find out how to dispose of any specific item, check out our What to recycle and where? tool.

men loading a truck with oversized item

Here are five solutions for getting rid of bulky items:

  1. Donate it to a nonprofit organization or give it to a friend.
  2. Pass it on by listing it online via sites like or Craigslist.
  3. Use our What to recycle and where? tool to find out where you can take it to be recycled or disposed of. (Please note that fees may apply.)
  4. Call your garbage and recycling service provider to see if you can arrange for a special pickup.

Where can I get a drop box for big projects?

items inside a drop box

Waste generated by large projects such as a kitchen remodel, landscape clean-up, or roof replacement may require an on-site drop box for waste collection. These drop boxes are provided by your garbage and recycling service provider.

The boxes vary in size and include fees for hauling and disposing waste, mileage, and any other required government fees. Contact your service provider for details.

Pro-tip: Remember to reduce your overall disposal costs by sorting out material that can be reused, donated or recycled!

Where can I drop off garbage, yard debris or recycling?

If you have a vehicle that can safely carry your garbage, yard debris or recycling to a drop-off location, you may find it's the most cost-effective option. Call ahead to the drop-off location or check online for rates, and consider working with your neighbors to plan a disposal run together.

Need some help figuring out where to recycle or dispose of a specific item? Find the answers using our What to Recycle and Where? tool!

Recycling centers:

Yard debris drop-off centers:

Garbage transfer centers:

How does weather affect my service?

winter garbage collection

During severe weather conditions, your garbage and recycling collection may be delayed or postponed. In these cases, real-time service alerts will be posted on the Garbage & Recycling Day tool and app.

Learn more about how these interruptions may affect your service.


Programa de tarifa reducida para los servicios de basura y reciclaje en el condado de Washington ya está disponible

Los miembros de la comunidad en áreas no incorporadas del condado de Washington que subsistan a, o por debajo del 185% del nivel federal de pobreza puede tener una reducción de 75% en sus facturas de basura y reciclaje.

Reduced rate program for garbage and recycling services in Washington County now available

Community members in unincorporated Washington County who live at or below 185% of the federal poverty level – $51,338 per year for a household of four – can have their garbage and recycling bills cut by 75%.