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Repair Fairs are free community events that bring volunteers and community members together to fix broken items, teach valuable repair skills, and learn from listening and doing.
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Repair Fairs help the community create connections, learn skills, reduce waste and save money. If you have nothing to repair but still want to be involved, sign up to be an event volunteer!

View the list of upcoming repair events in Washington County.

Fix-it workshop: Denim repair skills

Worn, ripped or fraying jeans? Missing buttons or tricky zippers? Bring your denim in need of repair to this two-hour hands-on, fix-it workshop. Volunteers will demonstrate a few mending techniques and assist attendees in fixing their own items. The workshop includes the basics of denim care, sewing tools, patches, sashiko, hems, buttons and zippers.

  • Saturday, July 20
  • 3 - 5 p.m.
  • Aloha Community Library, 17455 SW Farmington Rd, Ste 26A

Space is limited, so registration is required. Don’t have denim to bring? No problem. We will have extra materials on hand. Each participant will receive a small sewing kit. No need to purchase additional supplies.

Items accepted for repair

  • Clothing and other textiles
  • Tools
  • Jewelry
  • Home décor
  • Small furniture items
  • Toys
  • Bicycles
  • Electronics
  • Small home appliances and more

Please note:

  • We only accept small items that can be easily carried or rolled into the event venue by the owners.
  • Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, dirty or have a strong odor. Items must be clean. Wash clothing and vacuum, dust and wipe down items before bringing them in for repair.
  • We do not repair gas-powered items, hazardous items, vehicles or weapons and do not offer clothing alteration or tailoring services. Find alteration or engine repair businesses in your area at


  • Repair Fair events are always free to attend. Registration is encouraged for a successful repair and to help the event coordinators and volunteers.
  • Each attendee may bring up to two items to each event. If you have two items, submit one registration per item.
  • Guests are expected to stay with their items and be active participants so they can learn the repair process.
  • If you know what part is needed for the repair, please order it and bring it with you to the event.

What to expect

Community members bring their broken items from home. A skilled volunteer (fixer) will attempt to repair or mend your items and may teach you how to fix them yourself. Learning how to fix and maintain your items is essential for Repair Fair events. Even if a repair is not possible, fixers can help diagnose an issue or offer advice on repair and maintenance. It's an ongoing learning process.

Although the repair rate is about 70% at these events, a repair is not guaranteed. The fixer volunteers specialize in various types of repairs and choose items based on their skill set and comfort level with the items. Volunteers may refuse to begin or continue with any repair as needed.

Why attend a Repair Fair?

Learn skills: We teach you troubleshooting and the repair process so you can feel more comfortable tackling repairs on your own.

Reduce waste: We focus on repair rather than replacement of items.

Connect: There are experts, fixers, hobbyists and tinkerers in our community. We help keep you connected to these skilled folks.

Save money: Repair Fair events are always free to attend, and by repairing rather than replacing items, you can save money.

Are you interested in volunteering at a Repair Fair?

  • Volunteer to be a Fixer. Are you good at troubleshooting? Do you know how to fix a vacuum or a bike? How about mending clothes or fixing zippers? Let us know what you'd like to help fix at an event. Complete the volunteer sign up form.
  • Volunteer to run the registration table. This team of volunteers sets the tone for attendees and helps these events flow. You will greet people, explain how the event works, and track what people have brought for repair, among other things. Read more about what to expect as a registration volunteer (PDF, a new page, or further down on the page).
  • Can't attend the event but still want to help? Spread the word on social media and in your community. If you know handy folks who like to help others, let them know about Repair Fair and encourage them to attend an event.

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