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Mid-block Crossings

Learn what is needed to build a crosswalk or mid-block crossing.

Pedestrian and bicycle trails are essential to providing access to the transportation system. These travel options are less expensive than using a car. They can reduce traffic and promote an active lifestyle.

Trails may follow utility easements and greenways, which intersect with roads mid-block or at uncontrolled intersections. It can be difficult to cross some roads to continue on the trail.

Our Mid-block Crossing Policy allows our local partners to build marked crossings, sometimes with signals.

Mid-block crossing policy (PDF 841.15 KB)

Who can build a mid-block crossing on a county road?

Anyone can apply for one. Park and trail providers, businesses, HOA's, and city road departments are typical applicants for mid-block crossings.

What is the process to build one?

There are four steps to building a crossing:

  • Contact the County to discuss the proposed location.
  • Prepare the analysis described in the adopted policy and get the County Engineer's approval.
  • At the cost of the applicant, prepare the final design and obtain the necessary permits from the County.
  • Obtain the funds and build the crossing.