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Frequently Asked Questions – Recording

FAQ for Recording documents.


We recommend contacting any of the local title companies. Each title company has ready-made copies of CC&Rs. Alternatively, we recommend reviewing your title report if the CC&Rs cover your property or contact your homeowners association. Finally, you may research CC&R's in our records.

A cover page is optional. It may be used to avoid a $20.00 non-standard fee when first page requirements are not met.

You'll need to contact the recording office by phone or in person for information.

A new deed will need to be recorded in our office. Our office does not carry new deed forms. Prior to choosing a legal form we recommend you consult an attorney who is licensed to practice in Oregon before transferring your property.

We suggest you consult an attorney who is licensed to practice in Oregon before recording a death certificate. If a death certificate is recorded a new deed is not generated by our office it would only take the name off the tax roll.

A Deed of Reconveyance is a document that typically releases a security interest held by a lender. It is recommended that you confirm with the lender that the obligation is satisfied.

You will not receive a new deed as you received the deed when you purchased the home. However, you may receive a Satisfaction of Mortgage or Deed of Reconveyance from your mortgage company at time of payoff.

No. Our office does not provide notary service.

No. Ownership records and other assessment records are kept by the County Assessor.