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Re-Recording Documents

How to get copies of recorded documents.

What is “re-recording” a document?

  • If your document is recorded and later found to have missing, incomplete, or incorrect information, you may wish to correct and re-record the document.
  • If you re-record a document, the recording fee is charged again.
  • The document must include this statement, per Oregon law:
    • “RE-RECORDED AT THE REQUEST OF __________ TO CORRECT (reason for re-recording) . PREVIOUSLY RECORDED IN BOOK _____ AND PAGE _____, OR AS FEE NUMBER __________.”

Re-recording an ORIGINAL document

  • You can add, remove, or correct information on the document itself.
  • The required re-recording statement (above) must be included on the first page of the document, or on an attached cover sheet.
  • The corrected document does not need to be notarized again.

Re-recording a CERTIFIED COPY of a previously recorded document

  • You may not make changes to a certified copy of the original document.
  • Instead, attach a cover sheet that includes the re-recording statement (above), listing the corrections to be made.
  • The re-recorded document may include any attachments that are necessary to make the corrections.


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