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Corrections Services

Information on services for individuals with mental illness in the criminal justice system.

Mental illness can have a profound impact in all areas of a person's life. It is not uncommon for an individual with a mental illness to have contact with the criminal justice system. 

Washington County strives to:

  • Develop a collaborative relationship with the various components of the criminal justice/corrections system.
  • Identify and provide treatment for individuals with behavioral health needs who are in jail, on probation, or who have frequent contact with law enforcement.
  • Continually evaluate the services currently being offered to ensure all individuals involved in corrections can have access to appropriate treatment.

Jail Mental Health Liaison

Washington County employs a mental health liaison who: 

  • Provides consultation for individuals with behavioral health needs who are in the jail.
  • Coordinates care between the jail and outside providers.

This service is available to any individual who is currently incarcerated in the Washington County Jail.

Service Providers
Individuals may be referred to any community mental health service, dependent on eligibility.   

Family members who would like to notify the jail of an incarcerated individual’s mental illness may contact the jail directly at 503-846-6826 and ask to speak with Jail Health Services.

Additional Information
Please visit the Washington County jail information webpage.

Mental Health Court

Washington County Mental Health and Addictions Services currently works together with local criminal justice partners to operate a specialty court for individuals who have a mental illness and are on parole/probation.

Mental Health Court (MHC) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary court that promotes engagement in treatment and recovery to successfully complete probation.

The Mental Health Court Team is comprised of representatives from:

  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Public Defender
  • Washington County Probation and Parole
  • Washington County Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Oregon Health Sciences University Forensic Psychiatric Program
  • Treatment Providers 

Referrals are received by the MHC Probation Officer and can be made by a judge, a person’s attorney, a deputy district attorney, a probation officer, a police officer, a mental health therapist, or case manager. A family member, victim or community member that wants a person considered for MHC can contact the MHC Public Defender or MHC Deputy District Attorney offices. Referrals are reviewed by the MHC Team and screened for eligibility criteria. Final consideration is at the discretion of the MHC Judge. 
Additional Information
The MHC Probation Officer can be contacted through Washington County Community Corrections at 503-846-8202

The MHC Public Defender can be contacted through the Washington County Metropolitan Public Defender’s Office at 503-726-7900

The MHC Deputy District Attorney can be contacted through the Washington County District Attorney’s Office at 503-846-8671.

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