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County-Provided OHP Services

Learn about the county's role in supporting community members who are on the Oregon Health Plan.

The system of care can be unclear and difficult to navigate at times. Our staff provide specialized care coordination services for community members with complex needs. We support Oregon Health Plan members of Health Share of Oregon and Trillium Community Health Plan.

Care coordination isn’t treatment. It is assistance in getting you the services and supports you need. Care coordinators are experts at the system. They work with you to identify what services will help your behavioral health condition.

All health plans offer some care coordination. However, people with complex needs or multi-system involvement (such as child welfare or criminal justice) may be referred to the county for additional support. Once approved, you will be assigned a care coordinator. The care coordinator will learn about your needs and desires. They will work to connect you with services in the community.

The county provides three types of care coordination: