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Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Members

Washington County works closely with the Coordinated Care Organizations that manage the OHP benefit. Find out where to get more information about OHP.

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is our state Medicaid program. It provides health care coverage to low-income Oregonians from all walks of life. This includes working families, children, pregnant women, single adults and more. The Oregon Health Plan provides Oregonians access to coordinated health care. It covers services such as regular check-ups, prescriptions, mental health care, addiction treatment and dental care.

You can apply for the OHP online. You can also find member handbooks in large print and in multiple languages on the OHP website.

Once you become an OHP member, most people will be assigned to a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). CCOs help OHP members find providers, learn about plan benefits, and other health plan resources. Most Washington County residents are assigned Health Share of Oregon as their CCO, but some Washington County residents are assigned to Yamhill Community Care or Trillium Community Health Plan.

Find out more about county-provided OHP Services here.

Washington County Behavioral Health provides specialized care coordination services. If you have questions call 503-846-4528, email us, or visit our office at:

  • Washington County Behavioral Health
    NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite 150
    Hillsboro, OR 97124