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Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

If you need help getting connected to treatment, intensive care coordination may be able to help. Find out if you qualify.

All health plans offer some coordination of care to help their members connect to services. For some people, their needs are more complex and additional support is helpful. Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) is a program at Washington County that supports people with complicated behavioral health needs.

ICC staff meet with clients to identify their needs and options. Staff develop plans based on the desire of the person. The goal is to connect people to needed services and supports in their community. ICC staff work to coordinate care across multiple systems such as health care and behavioral health treatment.

Washington County currently provides ICC services for individuals on the Oregon Health Plan who are assigned to Health Share of Oregon. Other health plans may offer ICC too. If you feel you could benefit from ICC, please contact your health plan and ask about it. Information about local OHP plans can be found on our OHP page.