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Washington County Salary Commission

Washington County Salary Commission to determine commissioners salaries per voter approved ballot measure.

In November of 2020, Washington County voters approved a change to the County Charter, establishing an independent salary commission. The volunteer Washington County Salary Commission consists of five human resources professionals who will determine the salaries for Washington County Board of Commissioners. At their business meeting on January 26, 2021, the Board considered a list of potential candidates and made Salary Commission appointments at that time.

The Salary Commission has completed their work for 2021. In January 2023 and every two years following, a new Salary Commission will be appointed to review the Board's salaries. For inquiries and comments please contact: [email protected].

2021-2022 Salary Commission members

Kaci Korinek - Chair

Briana Ekandem - Vice Chair

Susan Mullett

Laura Sampson

Hekye Kirkendall-Baker

Alternate member

Suzanne Smith

Final report

The Salary Commission presented their final report to the Board of County Commissioners at a Board meeting on May 4th. This report set the Salaries for the Commissioners for the next 2 years.

Video of the Board meeting

Meeting packets and videos

April 21, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 138.58 KB)

Meeting video

April 9, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 258.76 KB)

Meeting video

March 26, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 588.18 KB)

Meeting video

March 12, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 235.82 KB)

Meeting video

February 26, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 386.74 KB)

Meeting video

February 12, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 880.39 KB)

Meeting video

January, 29, 2021

Meeting packet (PDF 223.28 KB)

Meeting video

More information

To learn more about the commission, review the following documents:

County Charter (PDF 73.41 KB)
Bylaws (PDF 84.41 KB)