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Voter Assistance

The Oregon Secretary of State and the Washington County Elections Division are committed to making voting more accessible to people with disabilities. To access these services, please make an appointment early in the election cycle.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for all voters in Oregon to vote as privately and independently as possible.

Voters with Disabilities

The Election Office has staff to provide assistance to voters with disabilities. The assistance provided may be a traditional person-to-person style which could include reading the ballot to the voter, reading the Voters' Pamphlet to the voter, using the latest voter technology or just being the "pencil" for the voter.

If you would like assistance with your ballot contact the Elections Office to make an appointment. Please make an appointment early in the election cycle because the last few days before an election are typically busy and there may be a longer wait.

Alternate Format Ballots (AFB)

For voters unable to use a standard printed ballot the Elections office offers the Alternate Format Ballots (AFB). The AFB lets voters with print disabilities (e.g. vision impairment, learning disability, etc.) to vote privately and independently at home.

We offer two types of Alternate Format Ballots (AFB):

Font Comparison
Standard Ballot Versus Large Print Ballot
Left: Standard Ballot
Right: Large Print Ballot
  1. Large Print Ballot
    The Large Print Ballot for those who have visual difficulties reading the print on a standard ballot. The Large Print Ballot is printed with an 18/20 size font. The standard ballot is printed with a 9/10 size font.
  2. HTML Ballot
    HTML Ballot is a document that opens in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The ballots are sent via e-mail, a mailed CD or obtained from a on-line site. Of course, you will still need to print out your ballot and return it in the official signature return envelope provided to you by the county.

See a demo ballot from Five Cedars Group to understand how the ballot will display. This is only a demonstration and not a real ballot.

Voters can request either of the Alternate Format Ballots by contacting the Elections office or by submitting the AFB Request form.

Attestation Forms

If a voter has difficulty signing their ballot because of a temporary or permanent situation, there is the option of completing a SEL540 Signature Attestation Form. The SEL540 Signature Attestation Form allows voters to use a signature stamp or any other signature indication mark to represent the voter's signature.

When submitting a SEL540 Signature Attestation Form please complete a new SEL500 Voter Registration form, with voters new mark. For more information about the Attestation form please contact the Elections Office.

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