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Conveniently recycle more items with this optional service available to residential customers.
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Recycle+ is now available to single family homes through four-plexes in urban unincorporated Washington County and the cities of King City, Durham, Beaverton, Sherwood, Tigard and North Plains. This optional service is available from your garbage and recycling company. 

Is Recycle+ Available? Enter your address and see if Recycle+ is available where you live.

Recycle+ service is available to apartments in urban unincorporated Washington County.

Materials accepted in the Recycle+ collection service:

Stretchy plastic film/bags 

  • Plastic bags
  • Produce bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Plastic padded envelopes (no padded manila envelopes)
  • Plastic overwrap for paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc.
Image of different kinds of plastic films/bags

Clear plastic #1 clamshell containers 

  • Egg cartons
  • Fruit containers
  • Bakery containers
  • Take-out containers
Image of clear plastic clamshell containers


  • Bed linens
  • Clothing
  • Towels/rags
Image of different kinds of textiles

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

  • Long fluorescent tubes used in commercial lighting are not accepted.
  • Bulbs must be contained in a zip-sealed bag.
Image of a compact fluorescent light bulb

Visit What to Recycle and Where to find free drop-off locations near you as well as tips to reduce and reuse these materials.

Get started!

Recycle+ is an on-call service. You will pay a monthly base fee of $2.50 and a $9.25 pickup fee per collection. Tip: You can share service and split the cost of pickups with family, friends or neighbors.

Garbage and Recycling App on phone
  • Contact your garbage and recycling company to sign up. Contact information is listed below. Don’t know who your garbage company is? Find out by using the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool.
  • Sort and bag material by type. You will receive a purple bin and bags prior to your first collection day.
  • Schedule a pickup. Contact your garbage and recycling company at least two business days before your collection day.
  • Set your bin at the curb. Have your bin out by 6 a.m. your collection day. All bagged materials must fit inside the bin, with the lid on.
  • Sign up for reminders. Use the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool or use the app to view your schedule and set up your remindersRecycle+ special collection

Upcoming special collections: January 2-31

The Recycle+ service includes special collections a few times each year of specific items or materials for recycling or donation.

  • January 2024: String lights 

Learn more

Where do the materials go?

  • Stretchy plastic bags and film are shipped to a company that uses the materials to manufacture outdoor products such as composite decking, playground equipment and benches. Currently, the primary company receiving Recycle+ plastic film is TREX.*
  • Clear plastic #1 clamshell containers are delivered to a recycling processing facility and, in coordination with D6inc, the PET thermoform, clamshell containers are recycled into new PET plastic packaging.*
  • Textiles are sent to Pioneer Wiping Cloth, a local company that recycles/downcycles textiles into wiping cloths and rags. 
  • Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are sent to processors who are vetted and have received third party certification such as through R2, RIOS and/or e-stewards.

*Recycle+ materials are handled by local, private facilities that work with a variety of end markets. These markets, like most markets for recyclable scrap commodities, are variable and may change over time.

Where do I set out my Recycle+ bin?

Place the bin “curbside” near the road so that it does not block sidewalks, driveways, public streets or other rights of way. The $9.25 fee is for curbside pickup. However, you can ask your garbage company for service at another location on your property:

  • Non-curbside pickup, 5-150 feet (each): $11.70
  • Non-curbside pickup, more than 150 feet (each): $13.02

If you qualify as a person with a disability as identified by Oregon state law and do not share a household with an individual capable of placing your container curbside, you can request non-curbside pickup at no extra charge. Contact your garbage and recycling company for more information.

How to find your garbage and recycling company?

Use the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool or app to find your garbage and recycling company.

For questions or concerns

Find answers to frequently asked questions below. Contact your garbage and recycling company for questions, to request service, or for issues related to collection.

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