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Filing Tax Return Using Webfile

WebFile provides an easy way to file your returns by uploading your signed return pdf and updated asset list in Excel.

Filing Your Business Personal Property Tax Return via WebFile​

Step 1

  • Fill out the 2024 Confidential Personal Property Return completely (don’t forget to sign in the Taxpayer’s Declaration section!)​
  • Use the existing asset list that was mailed with the return, or create a new list, and indicate all asset disposals and acquisitions from the prior year.​

Step 2

  • ​Scan both the Return form and the asset list – these will be uploaded to WebFile separately.​
  • Go to WebFile and follow the instructions for uploading your documents.​
  • Once you have submitted the filing you will receive an automated email confirmation – SAVE THIS. It is your proof that the return was filed on or before the March 15th deadline.
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If you do not wish to file using WebFile, you can either mail in your return, or drop it off in person to:​

​Washington County Assessment & Taxation​
Business Personal Property​
155 N. 1st Ave, Ste 200, MS-8A​
Hillsboro, OR 97124​