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What is Assessable

Find out what business personal property is taxable and what's exempt from tax.

What's taxable

Business personal property including, but not limited to, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, leasehold improvements, etc. (includes idle assets, assets placed in storage, and assets held for sale)

Personal Property Assessment & Taxation

Department of Revenue Personal Property Valuation Guidelines

Department of Revenue Fixed Vehicle Manual

What's exempt from tax

  • Intangible personal property. Money at interest, bonds, notes, shares of stock, business records, canned computer software, surveys and designs, and the materials on which the data are recorded (paper, tape, film, etc.) (ORS 307.020).
  • All items held exclusively for personal use. Household goods, furniture, clothing, tools, and equipment used exclusively for personal use in and around your home (ORS 307.190).
  • Farm animals. Livestock, poultry, fur-bearing animals, and bees (ORS 307.394).
  • Inventories. Items of tangible personal property which are or will be sold in the ordinary course of business (materials, containers, goods in process, and finished goods) (ORS 307.400).
  • Farm machinery and equipment (ORS 307.394).
  • Licensed vehicles other than fixed load/mobile equipment (ORS 801.285).
  • Environmentally Sensitive Logging Equipment.

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