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About the WCCCC

Basic information about the Washington County Community Corrections Center.

The Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC) has 215 beds for male and female justice-involved individuals, or residents at the Center. The WCCCC gives residents a structured and orderly living situation to help them transition (change over) back into the community. We offer support for this transition with services, structure (order), and accountability (answering for your behavior). Our services include:

We offer programs to help take care of the needs that put people at risk to re-offend, or commit another crime. These programs include:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Mental health evaluation and treatment
  • Employment counseling
  • Job referrals
  • Cognitive skills training
  • Faith-based support
  • Life skills programs (computer skills, parenting, etc.)

The WCCCC follows Court and Parole Board conditions. Residential Counselors will work with residents to create a plan for services that will result in a helpful and effective stay at the Center. The plan will also help with a successful transition back into the community. Staff creates a drug screening plan for each resident that is based on their history and recent behavior.

Center Specialists are responsible for keeping the Center safe and secure. They directly supervise residents and make sure everyone is following Center rules and policies. The Center is designed to be secure and has alarms on all windows and door. This makes it easy to see and hear what is happening in every part of the building.