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Resident Personal Belongings

Describes policies around resident personal belongings, and includes links to allowed personal items and restricted items lists.

Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC) policy lets residents have needed personal belongings, like clothing and bathroom items.

With permission from staff, residents can have books, radios or alarm clocks with one speaker, and other personal items. The way residents use personal items cannot be offensive to other residents, staff, or guests.

Residents will keep all belongings in a neat and organized way in their assigned storage space in their dorm. Personal belongings will be searched by staff when they enter the WCCCC. Any restricted items will be confiscated (taken away), and a receipt will be written. Staff will give one copy of the receipt to the resident, and keep another copy of the receipt on the property. The restricted items must be removed within 14 days.

The WCCCC is not responsible for a resident’s personal belongings. A resident must remove their items from the center within 30 days of leaving the center (through release from custody or escape), or their items will be discarded (thrown away). Restricted items that have a receipt can stay in the building for up to 14 days before they are donated or discarded.