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Work Release & Alternative Sentencing

How residents look for jobs while staying at the Center, and the two types of alternative sentencing.

The Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC) has also been called the “Restitution Center (RC),” “Work Release Center”, and/or the "Community Corrections Center (CCC)."

We encourage residents at the WCCCC to look for a job while they stay at the Center. Once they have found a job, their counselor verifies the job with a copy of the schedule and pay stubs. Counselors contact the employer regularly to talk about the resident’s attendance and job performance.

Types of Alternative Sentencing

GPS Home Monitoring

  • Is a community supervision program.
  • Is monitored by GPS tracking, drug screening, and resident appointments with their counselor or PO.
  • Is used to help with the large number of residents at the Community Corrections Center, intermediate sanctions, and supervision in the community before the resident is released.
  • To be eligible for (able to do) GPS, residents must have a history of following CCC rules, and must agree to follow all court conditions and Center custodial release agreements.

Electronic Home Detention (EHD)

Is a program through the Washington County Jail (WCJ) that offers electronic home supervision. Please contact the WCJ for more information about this alternative sentencing program.