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Onsite Wastewater Site Evaluation

This page covers the components of an onsite wastewater (sewage disposal system) site evaluation.

A site evaluation is required to determine if a property is suitable for a septic system installation. The site evaluation also determines the type and size of a system suitable for a property. Sites are evaluated based on the type and depth of soil, the depth to the water table, slope, location of the system relative to streams, wells, cuts and fills, and parcel size. There must be enough area available to install an initial system and equal area for repair should it ever be required. 

If community sewer is available, the property must connect to the sewer service.  

Forms and applications

Visit the Public Permitting and Services Portal to submit septic applications. First-time users need to complete the one-time account registration process. Watch the How-to-Register video. Once an account is created, you can obtain septic permits, track status, search for permits, schedule an inspection and view results.

If you prefer not to apply online, the following information sheets and forms are available to download either individually or as a packet.