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Family Self-Sufficiency

The FSS program helps program participants overcome barriers to self-sufficiency while saving money to meet their goals.

What is Family Self-Sufficiency?

The Family Self-Sufficiency program is an employment and savings incentive program for low-income families that have a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) or live in public housing.

Family Self Sufficiency is a HUD program that allows residents of HCV and public housing to build financial assets as the household increases earned-income from wages. Participation generally lasts five (5) years, during which participants identify educational, professional and personal goals including:

  • Educational advancement (e.g. GED or post-secondary)
  • Completion of specialized job training
  • Obtaining employment
  • Career advancement
  • Small business
  • Transitioning out of subsidized housing
  • Homeownership

The FSS program involves goal setting, mentoring and financial incentives to empower families in making positive life changes.

Family Self-Sufficiency program services

As a part of Washington County's FSS program, participants work with a FSS case manager to develop a plan that outlines specific activities needed to achieve their economic self-sufficiency goals. Throughout the program, the FSS case manager monitors participants' progress and helps them move toward self-sufficiency. FSS services are coordinated through its community partner referrals.

Some of our community partners include:

Benefits of the FSS program

The FSS program offers many benefits to all families. Dedicated FSS case manager, financial education classes, referrals to community partners who provide services for job training, finding employment, personal growth counseling, individual saving accounts for education – small business – home ownership, HUD funded savings account, HUD home ownership program and many other exciting perks!

Enrollment in FSS

There are some basic eligibility criteria that must be met in order to enroll in FSS. FSS candidates must:

  • Be a current Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing participant.
  • Agree to a 5-year contract to set family goals and be motivated to complete your goals.
  • Be willing and able to seek and maintain employment.

FSS program successes

Washington County has had numerous FSS graduates. In some circumstances, the escrow funds paid to these graduates enabled them to purchase homes and others were able to start businesses or eliminate debt in order to enable them to achieve homeownership.

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Interested in learning more?

To learn more about FSS, or to discuss enrolling in the program, please contact:

  • 503-846-4794 if you are a voucher client, or
  • Adriana Moran at 503-846-4731 if you are a Public Housing or Affordable Housing client.

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