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Employee Suggestion Program

The Employee Suggestion Program is a way for employees to submit ideas that make County operations more sustainable.  Included on the page is the form for employees to submit their suggestions.

Washington County values input from employees! The Employee Suggestion Program is designed to gather sustainable ideas that save the County money or improve efficiency of operations.

Employees will be rewarded for the top suggestions that the County plans to implement. Awards for top suggestions include gift cards to local businesses. All regular and temporary County employees may participate in the program. Suggestion committee members, elected officials, and department heads can submit ideas, however they are not eligible for awards.

Suggestions considered acceptable are those which improve the sustainability of County government. This may include ideas to help conserve resources, reduce waste, improve efficiency of programs, improve service delivery, address inequity, or save money.

To submit a suggestion, employees should please complete this form or request a PDF version from Sustainability. All fields on the form must be completed. Include only one suggestion per form. Additional forms can be submitted if there is more than one project idea.

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