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Fleet Vehicles and Fuel

Washington County's vehicle fleet is managed with sustainability in mind. The fleet includes electric and hybrid vehicles for thrifty fuel use.

Washington County has a vehicle fleet to support operations. Below are some of the ways the County has reduced fleet fuel use. 

  • Electric Vehicles – There are Chevy Bolt and Volt electric vehicles in the motor pool for employees to check out. 

  • Hybrid Vehicles – Washington County has hybrid vehicles throughout the motor pool, Sheriff's Department, and other department fleets.

  • Clean Diesel – The County uses Ultra Clean Diesel for its diesel vehicles. It is made from the same renewable resources as biodiesel, such as vegetable oils or cooking grease, but uses a different production process. 

  • Idle Reduction Plans – Each department has an Idle Reduction Plan that outlines ways to reduce vehicle idling time during normal operations. 

    Idle Reduction Plan (PDF 51.98 KB)