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Battery Recycling

How to recycle batteries in Washington County

Curbside collection of batteries is now available to residential customers in unincorporated Washington County, Tigard, Sherwood, King City, Durham and North Plains as part of regular collection services.

Batteries accepted (if service is available in your area)

Image of batteries accepted at the curb
  • Alkaline batteries (ex. AAA, AA, D)
  • 6-volt - 9-volt batteries 
  • Button cell batteries  (need ends taped)
  • Rechargeable batteries (ex. NiMH, NiCD) 
  • Lithium batteries (need ends taped)

Batteries not accepted

  • Battery back-up (UPS) units
  • Car batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries

Prepare batteries for collection

Place batteries in a 1-quart zip-sealed plastic bag and place them in your glass recycling bin for collection. If your bin is full of glass, place the bag of batteries on top.

Batteries are collected on the same schedule as your glass recycling - limit of a single 1-quart bag per pickup.