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Residential Service Rates

Residential service rates for customers in unincorporated Washington County.
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Washington County regulates garbage and recycling collection services within the county’s unincorporated areas. Check if your residential address is located within unincorporated Washington County and confirm which franchised garbage and recycling collection company serves your address. 

Contact us by phone at 503-846-3605 or email [email protected] for more information.

Residential service rates for customers in unincorporated Washington County

The Board of County Commissioners approves rates charged by all garbage and recycling collection companies in unincorporated Washington County. Each collection company must charge the board-approved rates in its service area.

Residential service rates for customers within city limits

If you live inside the limits of a city, contact your city’s office for its solid waste collection rates and rules.

Bundled services

  • The costs for each waste material are calculated as a package and not separately.
  • The cost and bundled services included vary based on Urban or Rural location. 
  • Bundled services provide garbage, mixed recycling, battery and glass recycling as a package. In Urban areas, the bundle includes yard debris recycling. 

Residential collection service rates

Residential can/cart rates vary depending on the size of your garbage cart and whether you live in urban or rural unincorporated Washington County.

Residential service rates (PDF 302.22 KB)
View the complete listing of residential can/cart collection rates and additional services and fees.

Residential service customers receive:

  • One cart for weekly garbage collection
  • Up to two 96-gallon mixed recycling carts for every other week recycling collection
  • One red bin for every other week glass and battery collection
  • Urban customers (located within the Metropolitan Service District Boundary) also receive one 60-gallon cart for every other week yard debris collection.

Garbage cart/can size

20 gallon

32-35 gallon

60 gallon

90 gallon

Urban rate*





Rural rate*





*A $2.00 recycling surcharge will be added to monthly residential collection service rates.

Graphic showing the size of various containers.


We are excited to offer Recycle+, a new service from your garbage and recycling company. This optional service is available to residential garbage and recycling collection customers living in urban unincorporated Washington County.

Recycle+ charges include a small base fee and a pickup fee for each requested pickup. You can set out your Recycle+ curbside or at another location on your property, such as at your doorstep or porch (additional fees apply). 

Tip: Curbside is defined as within five feet of a public or private road. 

  • Base charge (billed monthly): $2.50 
  • Curbside pickup (each):$9.25 
  • Non-curbside pickup 5-150 feet (each): $11.70 
  • Non-curbside pickup over 150 feet (each): $13.02 

Pickup service for customers with a disability

If you qualify as a person with a disability as identified by Oregon state law ORS 801.387, you can request non-curbside pickup at no extra charge if you do not share a household with an individual who can place your containers curbside. Contact your garbage and recycling collection company for more information.

What makes up my collection rate?

There are seven significant components of the residential collection service rate, including:

Graphic representation of the seven components that make up the collection rate.
  • Salaries and benefits of collection company employees, including insurance, payroll and medical expenses
  • Disposal and processing costs for materials collected
  • General and administrative collection company costs, including utilities and allocation of support staff salaries
  • Vehicle, equipment and yard costs to cover maintenance, purchases and building leases
  • Franchised hauler profit
  • Franchise fees paid to the County 
  • Fuel for operating trucks and equipment

The example highlights the various components and the portion of the overall rate for each component for a standard 32-gallon urban residential collection rate.

Garbage and recycling collection rate changes may result from the County’s annual rate review process. The yearly assessment analyzes a variety of factors, which are known and measurable, including all garbage and recycling collection company costs and revenues.

Additional information regarding collection service rates:

Drop box, compactor and occasional container collection service

Approximate dimensions for drop boxes.
  • Residential and commercial customers in unincorporated Washington County can request a drop box, compactor or occasional container service to manage larger volumes of waste. 
  • Disposal fees for these service lines are not set by the County or garbage and recycling collection companies but by the receiving facility and then billed as a pass-through charge to the customer. 
  • Customers may request materials be delivered to any permitted facility at the established “per mile” rate. 
  • Customers should contact their garbage and recycling collection company directly to request service and receive a detailed estimate of costs.
  • The collection company can assist with container selection based on the volume and types of accepted materials that require disposal. 

Asbestos waste disposal

  • Construction and demolition materials are at risk of containing asbestos.
  • Before disposal, your garbage and recycling collection company will request confirmation on whether the waste materials may contain asbestos. 
  • Oregon DEQ regulates the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material
  • View additional information and resources DEQ offers to guide home and business owners through the proper disposal channels.

The County and garbage and recycling collection companies will take all reasonable steps to ensure language translation services are available at no cost to any community member seeking assistance.

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