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Going Back to Work or School

Information and resources about breastfeeding and returning to work or school. Information about receiving a breast pump from WIC.
Mother breastfeeding her baby

Many breastfeeding parents worry about how they will continue to breastfeed when they go back to work or school. The good news is that there are laws to protect you and your right to pump. WIC will also be there to help you through the transition.

Breastfeeding and working

You have a legal right to pump at work. Talk to your employer about making pumping work for you. Learn about your rights here.

Breast pumps at WIC

You could qualify for a double electric breast pump if:

  • You are separated from your baby at least 20 hours per week due to work or school.
  • You are fully breastfeeding and plan to continue to fully breastfeeding when you go back to work or school.
  • Your baby is at least one month old.

Contact WIC for more information and support.


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