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Farmers Markets and WIC

Washington County WIC, Oregon partners with local farmers markets. This webpage provides information about how and where to use market checks.

Check back in spring 2024 for voucher information

Please click here to find a list of participating farmers markets, U-Pick farms, and roadside stands.

Farm Direct Nutrition Program brochures

English/Spanish (PDF 1.36 MB)
Arabic (PDF 222.35 KB)
Burmese (PDF 102.59 KB)
Simplified Chinese (PDF 338.51 KB)
Dari (PDF 565.61 KB)
Karen (PDF 315.88 KB)
Nepali (PDF 308.48 KB)
Russian (PDF 226.61 KB)
Swahili (PDF 205.15 KB)
Somali (PDF 205.71 KB)
Tigrinya (PDF 171.89 KB)
Ukranian (PDF 285.48 KB)
Zomi (PDF 326.05 KB)
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