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Washington County WIC FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Washington County WIC, Oregon


Women Infants and Children

WIC is a program that provides many services to people with a nutritional need or a health risk. These services include:

  • Supplemental foods
  • Health care referrals
  • Nutrition education
  • Breastfeeding support

During an appointment with your doctor, nurse, or nutritionist, you will discuss your health and diet. They can let you know if you are at nutritional risk.

To qualify for WIC you must meet income guidelines and be in any of the categories below:

  • A pregnant person
  • Someone breastfeeding a baby under one year of age
  • Someone who had a baby or was pregnant in the past six months
  • A baby up to their first birthday
  • A child up to their fifth birthday

Yes. We do not ask for proof of citizenship, and WIC keeps your information private. WIC is not a Public Charge program.

Yes. Foster children can get WIC until the age of five.

Yes. Although dads and grandparents cannot get benefits for themselves, they can get benefits for their children and grandchildren.

Yes. Working families can qualify for WIC.




You may qualify. If your parents/legal guardians meet WIC income requirements or provide less than 50% of your living expenses.

You can call or email to make an appointment. You can also sign up online here.

You will need identification, proof of income and proof of address. Visit about your WIC appointment to learn more.

WIC services are free to participants.

Here is the WIC Food List.

Grocery stores that will take your WIC card will have a WIC sign posted at the front of the store. When you sign up, we will help you find grocery stores that will work for you.

Yes! WIC will give you special vouchers that you can use at local farmers markets.

WIC is nationwide. Let us know when you are moving and we will give you information about transferring to a new WIC program.

We will help fix the problem. Please contact us at [email protected] or 503-846-3555.

No. WIC does not provide medical care. However, WIC can connect you to health care services. You can also call the Washington County Health Care Resource Line at 503-846-8851.