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Adult Foster Care Training and Testing

Provides information about training and testing requirements for foster providers for people with developmental disabilities in Washington County.


From September 26 through October 7, the Service Center East lobby for Developmental Disabilities will be closed to walk-ins. If you need help during that time and don't have a scheduled meeting, you can stop by our office at 5240 NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite 150, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., or call 503-846-3150 for assistance.

Adult Foster Care Basic Training Program

DD adult foster care providers, resident managers and substitute caregivers must complete the Adult Foster Care Basic Training Course.

You must also pass the Basic Training Examination before you can get your license or provide care to residents. Applicants to become an adult DD foster care provider, substitute caregiver or resident manager must study the Basic Training Course manual and video links below.

  • Adult DD Foster Care Basic Training Course Videos
  • Adult DD Foster Care Basic Training Course Manual

Once you have studied the material and are ready for testing, please call 503-846-3150 to schedule a time to take the test at our office in Hillsboro.

Oregon Administrative Rules require all DD adult foster care providers, resident managers, and substitute caregivers to comprehend and communicate in English both orally and in writing. Interpreters are not allowed to be present during the examination. 

Provider and resident manager applicants must pass the test within two attempts.

Substitute caregivers who do not pass the test after two attempts must wait 14 days to retake the test. After each test failure you must wait 14-days to retake it.

Ongoing Training Resources

Foster providers and their staff must have at least 12 hours of approved training each year. This is required to maintain your foster care license.

Homes certified as Level 2B or Level 2M may have extra training requirements as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 411, Division 360.

A training must be approved to count toward your annual training hours. Trainings are approved by the state's Adult Foster Home Training Credit Committee. The state has a training website that lists courses approved for training credits.

If a training is not approved, providers can ask the state to approved the training. Use the "Training Credit Approval" link on the state training website.  

DD Training Co-Op also has training opportunities for providers who support people with disabilities.