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Planning Work Program

The 2021-23 Long Range Planning Work Program, which extended the 2021-22 Work Program an additional year and updated it to reflect current tasks, was adopted by the Washington County Board of Commissioners at its Nov. 8, 2022, meeting.

After considering a Status Report on the 2021-22 Long Range Planning Work Program and potential new mandatory tasks at their Oct. 18 Work Session, the Washington County Board of Commissioners directed staff to prepare an updated 2021-2023 Long Range Planning Work Program. That updated Work Program extended the original timeframe by a year, resulting in a two-year Work Program. It was approved on Nov. 8, 2022.

The Board also directed staff to begin the process for developing a two-year Work Program for FYs 2023-24 and 2024-25 in early 2023. A draft of that Work Program is expected to be released in late April.

2021-23 Work Program (PDF 371.92 KB)

The Annual Work Program identifies tasks for our Transportation and Community Planning staff. These tasks include ordinances, studies, projects and other activities. Priority tasks in the 2021-23 Annual Work Program include:

  • Implementing House Bill 2001 (Middle Housing) and Senate Bill 458 (Middle Housing Land Divisions) which encourage development of a range of housing types and supports measures to increase housing affordability.
  • Addressing follow-up work on Significant Natural Resources to update County resource inventories and revise regulations to ensure they meet legal requirements and reflect policy priorities.
  • Reviewing County road design and construction standards to better reflect the County land use areas through the Complete Streets Design Update.
  • Implementing new state Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules.

Prior Long Range Planning Annual Work Program