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Denney Road (Scholls Ferry Road to Highway 217)

Denney Road between Scholls Ferry Road and Highway 217 will be improved in coordination with the city of Beaverton.

We will build left turn lanes where needed, bike lanes and sidewalks to Denney Road. We are evaluating the possibility of adding a mid-block crossing.

Other improvements include upgrades to:

  • Storm drains
  • Storm water treatment facilities
  • Water line and other utility upgrades
  • Dark Sky-compliant street lighting

Design start: September 2022
Design complete (expected): Spring 2024
Construction start (expected): Summer 2024
Construction finish (expected): Winter 2025

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12/9/2022: We met with community members at on open house. Exhibits from the event are below.


Cost: $6.3 million (2022 estimate)

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Open house: Dec. 8, 2022