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Saltzman Road (Bayonne Lane to Laidlaw Road)

We will build a new bridge to align Saltzman Road with 130th Avenue at Laidlaw Road.

Saltzman Road is a two-lane urban collector serving a rapidly growing community. The road has narrow lanes and a sharp turn, without adequate bike and pedestrian facilities. We will build a bridge to connect Saltzman Road, between Bayonne Lane and Laidlaw Road, at 130th Avenue. The bridge will be three lanes (one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane) with bike lanes and sidewalks.

Other improvements include:

  • Street lighting
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Curbs
  • Gutters

The Saltzman Road Project Advisory Committee was created to help decision-makers understand the community's preference for one two proposed alignment alternatives for the Saltzman Road (Laidlaw Road to Bayonne Lane) Project.

Design start: August 2022
Construction start (pending construction funding)
Construction finish (pending construction funding)

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2/20/2024: The county is reevaluating potential transportation project construction dates due to funding constraints and rapidly increasing costs. This process is expected to take several months.


Cost: $19.5 million (2022 estimate)

Amount allocated: $6.5 million

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Saltzman Road Project Advisor Committee (PAC)

The Saltzman Road PAC was formed to help decision-makers understand the community's preference for one of the two proposed alignment alternatives for the Saltzman Road Project.

Meetings, agendas and minutes

Dec. 16, 2021, virtual meeting

Feb. 18, 2021, virtual meeting

Jan. 11, 2021, CPO 7 Meeting: Planning for Saltzman Road Improvements

Nov. 4, 2020, virtual meeting

Oct. 22, 2020, virtual meeting

Sept. 23, 2020, virtual meeting

Aug. 26, 2020, virtual meeting

Committee membership:
  • Suresh Bala: Bauer Highlands Homeowners Association
  • Bruce Barbarasch: Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District
  • Virginia Bruce: CPO 1
  • Mary Manseau: CPO 7
  • Trace Richard: Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue
  • Christopher Temple-Morris: Findley Elementary School
  • Mariana Valenzuela: Centro Cultural
  • Asif Rahman: Bethany Neighborhood Coalition


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