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Lost and Found Pets

What to do if you have lost or found a pet in Washington County, Oregon.

Whether you have lost your pet or found a stray animal, we are here to help.

If you have lost your pet - check our shelter now.

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Is your pet at our shelter?

  • Let us know right away by calling 503-846-7039.
    • We hold lost pets that don’t have identification (such as a microchip, name tag or dog license tag) for three business days.
    • We hold lost pets that come in with identification for seven business days.
    • After the hold period is complete, the animal will move toward finding a new home. Please contact us right away so we can get your pet back to you quickly!
  • Bring ID
    • Bring photo ID and any proof of ownership of the pet that you have. We want to make sure that your pet is returned to the right owner.
  • Be prepared to pay fees.
    • To learn exactly how much it will cost to claim your pet, call us at 503-846-7039. Fee quotes may change daily due to increased boarding fees.
    • We do not want money to prevent you from reuniting with your pet. Talk with us about payment options.

If your lost pet is not at our shelter.

Report a Lost Pet

If you have found a pet.

Report a Found Pet

Use our dog license lookup tool if the dog is wearing a Washington County license tag.

If you have questions about a lost or found animal, please call us at 503-846-7039. We want to help lost pets get back home!


Washington County Animal Services Location

1901 SE 24th Avenue, Mailstop 53
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
Thursday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm(walk-in hours)