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Public Hearings and Schedules

Monthly public hearings before a Hearings Officer are scheduled for Type III land use applications and Appeals on Type I or Type II or a Director's decision. Hearings are scheduled for the third Thursday of most months.

Monthly hearings are scheduled for:

  • Type III land use applications. The Hearings Officer hears testimony from staff, applicants and any interested parties. The Hearings Officer takes all testimony into consideration before issuing decisions on applications.
    • Public notice is required for all Type III applications. Application packets are sent to Community Participation Organizations (CPOs). Notices are sent to neighbors within the notification area (500 feet urban/1,000 feet rural) of the proposed development. Comments can be submitted until the hearing date or can be provided through participation at the Public Hearing.
  • Appeals on Type I, Type II or Director’s decision.
  • Code compliance/Notices of Civil Violation (NCVs). NCVs are issued for building and development code violations. The hearings are similar to court proceedings. Public testimony is generally not allowed.