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Public Hearings and Schedules

Monthly public hearings.

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic Public Hearings will be held virtually via Zoom. Click on the hearing you want to join and under the agenda it says “link.” When you click on that it will take you to the Zoom meeting for that day’s Public Hearing. 

Monthly hearings are held on the following:

  • Type III land use applications. The Hearings Officer hears testimony from staff, applicants and any interested parties. The Hearings Officer takes all testimony into consideration before issuing decisions on applications.
    • Public notice is required for all Type III applications. A copy of the application packet is sent to Community Participation Organizations (CPOs). The notices are sent to neighbors within the notification area (500 feet urban/1,000 feet rural) of the proposed development. People have until the public hearing to submit a letter of comment or can participate at the Public Hearing.
  • Appeals on Type I, Type II or Director’s decision.
  • Code compliance/Notices of Civil Violation (NCVs). NCVs are issued for building and development code violations. The hearings are similar to court proceedings. Public testimony is generally not allowed.

Hearings are scheduled for the third Thursday of most months.

Note: Hearing dates are subject to change. The final agenda may be modified, based on current workload. Additional hearing may be added on an as-needed basis.