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Development Applications, Forms and Resources

Available applications/forms and the informational hand outs which accompany the applications.

Development Application Forms

Final Approval - Type I (PDF 35.57 KB)
Home Occupation - Type I (PDF 134.7 KB)
Home Occupation - Type II (PDF 231.49 KB)
Heath Hardship (PDF 56.71 KB)
Heath Hardship - RENEWAL (PDF 51.12 KB)
Template Test Request (PDF 218.36 KB)

General Information

Impact Analysis (PDF 37.84 KB)
Land Use Summary (PDF 236.76 KB)
Procedure Types (PDF 26.06 KB)
Review of Conditions (PDF 24.62 KB)
Street Trees (PDF 80.97 KB)
Submittal Checklist (PDF 54.53 KB)
Farm Stands (PDF 315.65 KB)
Letter of Authorization (PDF 23.68 KB)

Urban Streetscape Design Toolkit

Public Records Requests

Tiny Home FAQ (PDF 168.13 KB)

Transportation Development Tax (TDT)

TIS Waiver (PDF 17.36 KB)

Road Design and Construction Standards 

Service Provider Letters

Service provider list (PDF 20.38 KB)