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Benefits Enrollment Center

The Benefits Enrollment Center assists those individuals who are 60 years and older, or adults who receive Social Security Disability, to access state and federal programs to help them financially.

Who the program serves

The Benefits Enrollment Center (BEC) helps people with low income ages 60 and older as well as adults of any age who receive Social Security Disability benefits.

Learn more about Benefits Enrollment Center and the services they offer in this video: English and Spanish.

What benefits you may receive

It depends on your monthly income, resources, assets, medical expenses and a few other factors. We can see if you are eligible for benefits such as SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, energy assistance, property tax relief, prescription help and Medicare savings programs.

How you can get assistance

Give us a call at 503-846-3060 to get started. After we’ve determined what benefits you are eligible for, a trained volunteer will come to your home or meet you at another convenient place to help you apply for those benefits. Then we will submit those forms with the right documentation to the appropriate offices for you.


There is no cost. Services are free to you.

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