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Educational Resources for Food Safety

Find more information on best practices for keeping food safe.

Educational resources for the public

  • Bad Bug Book - Information prepared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about germs and toxins.
  • Consumer Advice - Resources and links to website regarding food safety and disaster assistance.
  • Consumer Advice for Seniors - Resources and website links with health information especially for seniors.
  • Childcare Best Practices - Useful information for child care providers and women with infants or children.

Keeping your food safe during an emergency

The challenges of keeping a safe food supply for your household and your food service business during an emergency are something that we need to be prepared for. Natural disasters and/or the loss of power are usually unpredictable. However, making some small changes and knowing what to do can make a big difference during situations like these. Please review the links below, they contain invaluable information that can help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your food service business.

From the Food Safety Inspection Service:

From the CDC:

Other resources:

Educational resources for the Food Industry